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Current surface water temp 15 degrees 
It’s easily the warmest lake in the region  through the colder months, because of its depth, retaining the summer heat long into the autumn. We can expect the water temperature to be 10 degrees again by the end of April, and warming up through the summer.

So continue to enjoy your swimming for longer than you might think!

Gildenburgh Water has been owned and operated by Ian & Pauline Forster, and their family for 32 years. You can call us on 01733351288 if you have any queries. 

You’ll enjoy the friendly family atmosphere that has made this attractive, and important, national swimming venue so popular. A former blue clay brick pit flooded by London Brick in 1934, the site is naturally filtered, and consistently recommended by swimmers for its clear, clean, pure, deep water.

Since Gildenburgh’s naturally filtered water is 5000 times more pure
than the UK standards for tap water,
you’ll be missing out if you swim anywhere else!!

Not only have recent water tests confirmed the purity and clarity of the spring-fed lake, but also the presence of the spa mineral magnesium, considered to be the most important health mineral in the world. Read about the many health benefits here Magnesium – the most important mineral we all overlook.

No Swimmer’s Itch!

Unlike many shallow man-made lakes and former gravel workings that harbour freshwater snails, and parasites that infect swimmers, local residents and swimmers from many areas of the UK have enjoyed their sport free of the dreaded “swimmer’s itch” for more than 80 years. In fact, visiting swimmers who do have “the itch” often get better in this mineral-rich, therapeutic lake.

Healthy Outdoor Training Centre

All abilities and ages are welcome, including costume-only and wetsuit swimmers (see our safety policy below). Whether you’re an adult or youngster trying open water swimming for the first time, or a member of the English Channel relay team, you’ll get fitter and healthier at this amazing venue. Triathletes, in particular, can benefit from the variable terrain of this 32 acre training centre and surrounding area, which includes the 2000 Millennium Green Wheel Cycle Route, by adding bike and run phases to their swim session. Or anyone just looking to get fitter, or lose weight, can benefit from the healthy outdoor environment.

Resident Swim-Bike-Run & Fitness Coach

ASA Swimming Teacher, Middle Distance Coach and former British team member, Ian Forster, lives on the site, and is available for training tips and schedules.

Open 3300 Hours A Year

We love helping our swimmers achieve their goals, whether you do one 400m lap or a 25 lap/10000 metre swim. And the clear water enables swimmers of any level to quickly improve their technique by being able to see the rotation and inclination of their hands during each stroke. Open 64 hours every week (except Christmas Day & Boxing Day), on 363 days in 2017-2018, that’s more than 3300 hours a year for you to get fitter, quicker and more efficiently.

Current Opening times                                                                     Venue facilities

All Year including 5 bank Holidays                                           80 seat clubhouse adjacent to the lake        Changing rooms 

Every day from 8am-4pm                            Free parking        Toilets        Rescue boat        Accommodation

 Friday   8am-9pm                          Resident swim-bike-run & fitness coach        Video coaching

                                                                                            Hot & cold drinks        Home-cooked snacks and meals

                                                                                            Equipment hire        Well-stocked, competitively-priced shop

Swim bookings are to be made online, and check-in is at the reception point. Swim sessions are 1 hour long, or by arrangement 2 hours. Whilst Covid-19 restrictions are in place and we have to restrict the number of people on our site.


FREE online registration (below). £7 per swimmer per outdoor swimming session. £8 full wetsuit hire. £2 tow float hire. Training schedules & coaching from £5 per 10 min session priced according to need and whether personal, group or video.

Information on Outdoor Swimming

Safety Policy. Whether you wear a costume only or a wetsuit, you are welcome. But to protect you in the deep water, you need adequate buoyancy. Wearing a wetsuit is the preferred way to prevent you sinking (and keep you warm), but many of our swimmers, particularly the Channel relay team at our sister centre, Dosthill Quarry, nr Birmingham, don’t wear a wetsuit so tow a swim float summer & winter alike! If you don’t have one you can hire one or buy your own on site.

Course. The above outdoor swimming course has been carefully planned and set out to provide a single 400 metre lap with eight 50 metre legs for split times. Four laps (1600 metres) is 5 metres short of a mile. 1000 metres would be 2.5 laps. The course has been positioned away from the shoreline, and away from the diver training areas to avoid underwater divers. So, please ensure you stay close to the outdoor swimming course buoys and on the course line.

Divers. Your swim may coincide with times when scuba divers are using the quarry. You can see where they are in relation to you by bubbles breaking the surface of the water. One of the safe practices all divers should follow when surfacing is to extend their arm, look up and around and surface slowly. Should you see bubbles on the surface in front of you, during your swim be prepared to avoid the bubbles. However, by the time you get close to where you first saw the bubbles, normally the divers have moved well away.

Footwear. We recommend bringing suitable footwear, such as flip-flops, crocs, or some old trainers, for the outdoor swimming transition in and out of the water to avoid any discomfort or injury to your feet.

Outdoor Swimming Declaration. The ASA require a declaration to be made on an individual’s ability to complete a planned outdoor swimming activity. “It should be quite clear to the swimmer that they are declaring that they are not only fit enough and have the stamina to complete the distance, but also that the swimmer is medically fit to do so”. Any pre-existing medical condition including medication and/or sensitivity to particular drugs should be included on the form. Our registration below includes this declaration.

Safe Outdoor Swimming Always



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Email is our preferred way of contacting our registered swimmers.
If you don’t have an email address, call Gildenburgh Water on 01733 351288.

After you press the submit button you will receive confirmation that “Your registration for outdoor swimming was sent successfully to ian@gildenburgh.com” and you will receive a confirmation email.

Print off the email and bring it with you on your first visit. Sign and date it at that time and we’ll retain it on file.

Click the link below to register as a swimmer. The form opens up in a new tab.