Rescue Workshop

Only 1 Weekend Left

Well done Gildy members!

There was such a huge number of requests for Ian Forster’s “Top 30 Rescue Tips”,
we have decided to give you an extra gift.

FREE registration
on one of our 3 hour Rescue Workshops

These “RescueShops” are so popular they are normally charged at £25, but we are giving away up to 200 absolutely free to our members at Dosthill Quarry and Gildenburgh Water as a way of saying thank you for your ongoing support, and to raise the standards of diver rescue at these two National Dive Sites.

Please note these “RescueShops” are practical not classroom-based, so you’ll need your normal diving equipment. Single cylinders, twinsets and rebreathers are all welcome.

A diver’s life could be in your hands on a future dive
Our 3 hour RescueShop can make the difference

Whether you’re already rescue-trained, or are thinking about doing a rescue course,
this is an incredible opportunity to be trained by genuine experts in diver rescue,
and come away with dozens of tips to make your rescue technique more efficient.

What we cover in the workshop

  1. Preparation before the dive
  2. Approaching the victim
  3. Establishing buoyancy
  4. Open airway
  5. Ventilations with and without a pocket mask
  6. Protecting the airway
  7. Avoiding exhaustion
  8. Removing the victim’s kit
  9. Removing your kit
  10. Towing to safety

We originally offered a choice of 10 dates over 5 weekends
Now you’ve only got 1 weekend left!

Date Location
Saturday 23/06/2012 Gildenburgh Water
Sunday 24/06/2012 Dosthill Quarry

There’s only 1 Rescueshop left at Gildenburgh Water. Each workshop is from 12noon to 3pm. There is no cost for the workshop, but if you want to dive before the workshop, we’ll open earlier at 7am, so you can get at least 2 dives for the normal dive fee, depending on whether you are a member or casual diver.

Click the link to find out why Gildenburgh membership
is the best-value £10 in UK diving!

Bring a buddy!

If your buddies would like to do the workshop with you, they must be a member. After they’ve joined, email with a list of all the divers. Then get each diver to individually complete the registration form below to secure their place. We will try to get all the divers on the same workshop.

You must register

Places will be allocated in order of registration, and you must complete the registration form/waiver/medical declaration below to reserve your place. The minimum number for each Workshop is 10. If registrations don’t meet this minimum by 48 hours beforehand, those who have registered will be offered a choice of the remaining dates.

Register NOW
before another member gets your place!

If you are a member, type your membership number into the form. You’ll find this under the barcode on your membership card.

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    Terms and conditions

  • The above information can be stored and used to contact me.
  • I understand that I dive at my own risk, and participate in this RescueShop at my own risk.
  • I hold a current diving medical OR there are no medical circumstances that prevent me from scuba diving.
  • I am not currently taking any medications that would prevent me from participating in this RescueShop.
  • I dive in accordance with the safe diving practices of my certification agency.
  • I will read Ian's "Top 30 Rescue Tips" pdf and watch the video before the workshop so I am better prepared.
  • In the event of a missing diver emergency, dive site staff may ask for suitably qualified divers to assist with the search and rescue. If I have been rescue trained, and have sufficient air and no-decompression time, I will be willing to assist.
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