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Reduced entry fees + Special event days
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+ Manufacturer equipment promos
+ Regular newsletters + much more

So you’ll save £50 on every 10 dive site entries!

To keep your diving costs down choose

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Please only complete this form if you are already registered, and your membership is about to expire, or expired within the last 4 months. If you haven’t registered as a member before, or your membership lapsed more than 4 months ago, please click below for the
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You will receive a new Membership Card in PDF format via email with the expiry date one year from the renewal.
This replaces all previous member cards you may have had. 

It is sent in PDF Format so either print it out and laminate it or upload it to your phone as you prefer. 
Please note that without this PDF card containing the expiry date you will NOT be eligible for the reduced entry fee. Once you receive your member card you will need to validate it following the instructions contained in the email.

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Please choose the Member Renewal option @ £12 in the box below. The registration option is only for divers who are not yet members or for lapsed members (ie: anyone not renewed for 2020)

Gildy Diver Registration OR Renewal Payment

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OR Method 3: Pay by cash now if you are at the dive site

Now complete the form carefully

Fill out all the required fields and boxes and those applicable to you.

Email is our preferred way of contacting our members
If you don’t have an email address, call 01733 351288 and speak to Pauline.


Required Payment method

Required Payment Receipt Number
Important. PayPal receipt: Enter the last 4 digits or letters of the Transaction ID
Telephone receipt: Enter the last 4 digits Card Receipt given by the payment staff
Dive Site receipt: Enter the the Receipt Number given by the payment staff

Required Amount Paid £20£12


Required Member Number
You can find your member number under the barcode on your member card or PDF. For example: The number under the bar code may look like this: 000107.

Required Email
Important.Your renewal will be sent to this email address so it must be correct!

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Required Club or school

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Professional instructors only

Applicable? Minimum professional declaration Tick all 7 boxes

  • I intend to teach in a professional capacity
  • I hold a current instructor certification
  • I hold a current HSE Certificate of Medical Fitness
  • I hold a current CPR Certificate
  • My diving equipment has been serviced in the past 6 months and I hold servicing verification certificates
  • I will complete and retain an Operations Record for each dive
  • I will have a Standby Diver and Surface Supervisor for each dive
  • Terms and conditions

  • The above information can be stored and used to contact me.
  • If I have not attached an ID photo to this form, or emailed it to, I will need to have one taken at the dive site on my next visit to enable my member card to be produced.
  • I will show my member card and any current renewal receipt when I check in or pay the non-member entry fee.
  • I dive at my own risk.
  • I dive in accordance with the safe diving practices of my certification agency.
  • I will regularly read, stay current with, and abide by the regulations, recommendations and procedures as published from time to time at the dive site and on this website, particularly those relating to emergency action.
  • In the event of a missing diver emergency, dive site staff may ask for suitably qualified divers to assist with the search and rescue. If I have been rescue trained, and have sufficient air and no-decompression time, I will be willing to assist.
  • Required I accept and agree to all terms

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    Receiving your Membership Renewal Validation

    Your Membership Renewal Validation for 2020 will be emailed to the email address you entered above. Print it off and laminate it OR simply take a photo of it on your mobile phone. If you have a compatible device e.g.smartphone or tablet you can save it as a screenshot, PDF or image.

    You must show your
    Renewal Validation and Membership Card or PDF
    at the time of check-in before diving
    to benefit from the reduced member rate