Help your dog enjoy the winter with a heated vest on sale

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Keep your dog toasty on chilly walks.
Keep your dog toasty on chilly walks.

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TL;DR: Keep your four-legged friend warm and cozy with this 5V Rechargeable Waterproof Heated Dog Vest, on sale for 73% off. As of Jan. 20, get it for just $31.95.

Dogs, like humans, need exercise to stay healthy. This can include a variety of activities, like hiking, fetching, swimming, or going for walks. In the winter, though, they might need an extra layer to stay warm.

Luckily, there’s a simple solution: this 5V Rechargeable Waterproof Heated Dog Vest. This piece of pet outerwear has three levels of heat to allow for maximum comfort, as well a cozy inner layer of fleece. It’s also completely waterproof, and includes reflectors to keep you both safe on walks at night. It’ll also stay warm for up to six hours.

The vest can be easily tossed in the washing machine; just make sure to remove the battery beforehand. Other than that, since the vest is waterproof, you’re free to play in the snow or do other winter activities when your four-legged bestie has it on.

Watch how it works in the video below:  

On a regular day, this heated dog vest costs $119, but you can save 73% for a limited time and pay just $31.95

It comes in size small, which fits breeds like pugs and dachshunds; medium, which is perfect for Scotties or beagles; and large, which can fit breeds like the American Eskimo Dog.

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