Covid vaccine: Scientists fear millions of Brits will flout lockdown rules once they receive jab – The Sun

SCIENTISTS fear millions of Brits will flout Covid lockdown rules once they receive a vaccine.

Sage scientists are worried that people who get jabs will stop social distancing and will ignore strict restrictions.

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Volunteers help out at the Epsom mass vaccination centre in Surrey


Volunteers help out at the Epsom mass vaccination centre in SurreyCredit: Dan Charity – The Sun
A woman administers a vaccination shot at Robertson House in Stevenage


A woman administers a vaccination shot at Robertson House in StevenageCredit: 2021 Getty Images

Minutes from a Sage meeting refer to a survey which found 29 per cent of people plan to relax their following of Covid rules once they receive a vaccine, the Telegraph reported.

The same survey found that 11 per cent of respondents will “probably no longer follow the rules” after a jab.

Sage is concerned that a relaxed attitude towards restrictions after people get a vaccine could more than “offset” the vaccination programme.

Scientists want the government to create a campaign to make the public aware of how important it is to follow the rules even after vaccination.

Ministers believe they are on track to vaccinate all over-70s by the middle of February, while there are plans to have all people in English care homes receive the vaccine by next week, the Telegraph reported.

Professor Janet Lord, director of the Institute of Inflammation and Ageing at the University of Birmingham, urged ongoing caution even as numbers of those vaccinated increased.

Asked whether people who had received the jab could hug their children, she told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: “I would certainly advise not to do that at the moment because as you probably know with the vaccines they take several weeks before they are maximally effective.

“It’s really important that people stay on their guard even if they’ve had that first vaccination.


“If people do relax what they’re doing then it reduces the benefits of the vaccination.”

Responding to a survey about public compliance with coronavirus regulations after having received a vaccination, Prof Lord continued: “That’s the worrying thing about the idea of a (coronavirus immunity) passport.

“People might think (it is a) passport to freedom and even those who haven’t been vaccinated will see those changing their behaviours and think, ‘Well why should I bother if no one else is either?’

“That’s the real worry we’ve got at the moment.”

The Sun’s Jabs Army campaign smashed its target of recruiting 50,000 volunteers to help Britain’s biggest-ever vaccine programme.

Thanks to our big-hearted readers, our goal was achieved in just an astonishing 18 days — with 51,019 signing up by last night.

They hit the milestone on the day the first Jabs Army volunteers went on duty to help those getting the Covid vaccine in North London.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock hailed Sun readers for “smashing the target” as our Jabs Army mission was accomplished.

On a momentous day for the campaign, we achieved the goal of helping the Royal Voluntary Service supply 50,000 volunteer stewards to the NHS vaccination programme.

Mr Hancock recorded his thanks during yesterday’s coronavirus pandemic press conference.


He told the watching nation: “People are helping by being a community volunteer or signing up for clinical trials — 50,000 people who have now signed up for The Sun’s Jabs Army. Smashing the target in the battle against this disease.

“I want to thank each and every one of you and The Sun newspaper for leading this effort.”

Prime Minister Boris Johnson heaped praise on Sun readers for their generosity and spirit.

He said: “Congratulations and wholehearted thanks to The Sun for smashing through your target and enrolling more than 50,000 people to join the Jabs Army.

“It’s a great credit to your readers. Vaccinating the country is a huge national effort but with your help we will get there.”

Meanwhile in Germany, the country’s foreign minister Heiko Maas said vaccinated people should be allowed to eat in restaurants and go to the cinema.

He told Bild am Sonntag: “Vaccinated people should be able to exercise their basic rights again.

“If there are only vaccinated people in a restaurant or a cinema, they can no longer endanger each other.

“Yes, it will lead to inequalities in a transitional period, but as long as there is an objective reason, it is constitutionally justifiable.”

Covid jabs will be diverted to areas where there is less vaccination of over-80s, The Times reported.

The move comes amid concerns that there are disparities between different regions in administering vaccines.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock said vaccine stocks would be prioritised for regions falling behind in getting jabs to elderly people.

Scientists fear people will take a relaxed approach to Covid restrictions after receiving a jab


Scientists fear people will take a relaxed approach to Covid restrictions after receiving a jabCredit: The Press Association

Matt Hancock reveals UK vaccinating more than DOUBLE the rate of people anywhere else in Europe

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