Brent Knoll couple are first to be vaccinated at Somersets new large vaccination site – Burnham-On-Sea

Brent Knoll couple are first to get Covid vaccinations at Somerset Taunton vaccination site

A Brent Knoll couple were the first patients to be vaccinated at Somerset’s new large vaccination site when it opened at Taunton Racecourse for the first time on Monday (January 18th).

Peter and Josephine Gibbs from Brent Knoll, pictured, were the first to receive Covid-19 jabs there, and they urged others to have the vaccination.

Peter says: “We feel privileged to be here, and to be the first two vaccinations given.”

“If you are offered the vaccine, you should absolutely take it – not only for your own safety but for others too.”

“We have persuaded people around us to make sure they get it, as it’s so important.”

“Everyone is working so hard here today and we just feel so happy to have had it.”

Taunton Racecourse is part of a wave of ‘large’ vaccination centres opening across the country.

The site is open seven days a week from 8am-8pm to provide the Covid-19 jab to people across Somerset, supporting the accelerated roll-out of the local vaccination programme.

The racecourse is providing vaccines for people in the highest priority groups including the over 80s and health and care staff.

Health and care organisations have been working together over the last few weeks to put detailed plans in place to prepare the site to deliver the large-scale vaccination programme.

Over the weekend, NHS letters were sent to local residents from the priority groups who live up to 45 minutes away from the new site.

Residents should continue to wait to be contacted by the NHS, either by a letter or phone call – please do not call the racecourse or turn up without an appointment.

Please don’t contact the NHS or visit any sites to ask about your vaccine, you will be contacted; When you are contacted, please attend your booked appointments; And please continue to follow all the guidance to control the spread of the virus and save lives.


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