Entry into Gildenburgh Water

The below information highlights the entry procedure for getting in to Gildenburgh Water.


For Health and Safety and insurance purposes, Gildenburgh Water maintains a daily roster of all divers using the dive site.

Immediately upon arrival, you must check in for diving. No dive is to take place without the diver having checked in beforehand.

The following details will be required:

  • Diver’s full name
  • Diver’s qualification
  • Full name of buddy (if diving privately) or name of club/dive school (if a marshalled dive)
  • Time of arrival
  • Payment of the appropriate dive fee

The checking in process is your own responsibility. Each diver must complete the signing-in form individually, clearly and legibly and pay their own dive fee. Gildenburgh Water staff will not accept divers signing anyone else in apart from themselves or paying for a “block” of unnamed divers. Dive schools wishing to use Gildenburgh Water must clearly advise their students of the individual diver check-in and dive fee payment process.

Conditions of diving are clearly stated on the checking-in sheet. Please ensure that you read them and agree to them.

Gildenburgh Water management and staff reserve the right to check divers’ qualifications, so proof of diver qualification must always be brought to the dive site. Gildy dive cards are helpful ID at this point.


Gildenburgh management and staff may vary the checking in point, depending on the day and time, as well as the volume of divers.

At weekends:
Divers will be stopped at initial arrival point – at the gate.
If you visit Gildenburgh Water on a Saturday or Sunday, please ensure that you have qualifications and dive fees ready on arrival.

The car park checking-in procedure enables Gildenburgh staff to ensure that optimum use is made of the car park, in that cars are parked in the right slots, and that as many vehicles as possible are kept off the top road.

Once you have paid the dive fee and completed the checking in sheet to the staff member’s satisfaction, the staff member issues you with a car ticket  which you must display on the dashboard of the vehicle while you are on site.

On midweek days, evenings or non-busy times:

If the gate is not manned, on arrival, and before getting changed for diving, you must report to Reception to check in and follow the correct signing-in procedure.

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