Casual or Member?

Casual or Member Divers

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DIVE FEES FOR 2017 – Save money by being a member!

1 There are 2 categories of user – Casual Users (that are not Gildy members/do not hold a Gildy Dive Card) and Gildy Members (that produce their Gildy Dive Card at the time of check in).
2 Membership only costs £15 and is valid for both our National Inland Dive Sites – Dosthill Quarry (Dozzi) and Gildenburgh Water (Gildy)!
3 Members benefit from a lower dive fee rate than the casual user.
4 Members are also given a “Frequent User Card” covering 10 visits in which each visit is date stamped. On the 9th visit, the diver gets a free air fill, and on the 10th visit a free dive.
5 The combined savings by having the Member Card and Frequent User Card mean you can dive Dozzi or Gildy for less than at any time in the past 3 years.
6. The frequency of diving by members will be monitored through this programme with a view to introducing further incentives for active “Frequent Users” as the year progresses. We want you to dive at Gildy even more, and are prepared to reward you for that loyalty.
7 Gildy Membership will be restricted to divers who have and maintain a current e-mail address to facilitate speedy communications.
8 There are “Before 5pm” and “After 5pm” entry options.

Before 5pm Rates
Casual User £15
Gildy Member £11

After 1pm (on any day when we close at 5pm)
Casual User £12
Gildy Member £8

After 5pm Rates
Casual User £12
Gildy Member £8

However, the Gildy Member rates are only available on production of your Gildy Member Card.